Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2020 : Avoid Getting Scammed

Millions in the US moved across states every year. National Consumer Complaint Database from customers is a nightmare! Moving is not easy, but if you hire the best interstate moving companies you don’t have a problem.

Consider these steps to avoid getting scammed, Only choose Best Interstate Moving Companies!

Do Your Research

Simple Google search is not enough! There’s a lot of fake reviews out there that makes fake company look good. Go ahead to Yelp or Better Business Bureau website, see if there are customer complaints, cases against the company and see there’s service ratings.

In-Person Representatives

If ask for quotation or estimates, professional moving companies will send you personnel for an on-site inspections. By this, you have much more clearer idea of cost so you can set your proper budget to stick with. They are oblige to give you document “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Ask everything you need to know, ask them if it’s calculated by volume or weight? Do they have worker to do the packing or unloading your belongings. If possible to do it by yourself to lessen your expenses. Avid those hidden fee ask them if there are additional fee for driver or packing materials.

best interstate moving companies

Upon handing you the written estimation, review it thoroughly. If all things went good and you find best interstate moving companies. Prepare for your next move!

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