Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage, Keeping Your Belongings Dry and Secure!


Most of the daily items we used each day needed to be properly stored and you should be aware of it. Proper storage will regulate both humidity and temperature to protect it from damage. Most moving and storage companies provide storage units that are capable of these functions. It is called climate-controlled storage. What are the benefits of it and how can it help to protect your belongings?

From instruments to leather, fabrics, metals, bicycles, photos, electronics, medical supplies, mattresses, cosmetics and to your luxury items. These items will benefit from climate-controlled storage.

What does Temperature Controlled Storage actually do?

If you have many items but you don’t have enough room to store them, chances are you need to rent a storage unit. However, renting storage without a temperature control function will likely damage your precious items.

Climate controlled storage units will control both humidity and temperature to prevent any damage when items are store in a long period of time.

Climate controlled storage

Extreme temperature can be harsh from your furniture, documents to leather goods. Woods are prone to wrapping when it is not properly stored. Documents and photos may turn yellow when stored in a lengthy period of time.

In short, if you plan to store in a long period of time, make sure to ask the storage company if they have this function. This will ensure your precious items from damage. However, you can use traditional storage if you are storing only for a short period of time

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