Two Men and Truck –Moving Tips, Costs & Rates

There are hundreds of cheap moving companies. Every Professional Mover have different rates on pricing. On an average, Two Men and One Truck will charged you around $80 to $100 per hour.Additional cost of $15 to $20 each hours if you wish to hire three men with a truck. Beginning and end of month or summer cost higher, main reason is people often at those time.

Two men ad a truck hourly rate is only valid for local move. If you plan to move cross country on large and long distance move, moving company will advice you to hire additional people to do the job once you get a quote from them . But, this will depends on he among and volume of your belongings.

cheap moving companies

Also , it will be very helpful for you to read reviews on the state which you need a mover. Reading reviews on a reliable source is very important. Check customers feedback,check if there are any complaints and most important,a satisfied customer testimonials.

Ask what is the payment option before the end relocation. Ask them if you can pay by cash or by check. Tip them if you are satisfied with their performance. Happy Moving!

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