How U-Haul Truck Rental Offers Great Benefits?

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Transporting your belonging is not an easy task. Deciding which is the best moving truck is a part of the moving process. Luckily, U-Haul has the advantages for every truck rental needs.

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The U-Haul Truck Rental Advantages

U-Haul is a moving truck rental that lets you load and drive it to your new location. U-haul is a moving company that operates most states in the country. If you are into DIY thing U-Haul is the best moving company for you.

U-Haul trucks are designed and equipped to make moving smoother. All moving trucks are built for faster loading as possible making loading your belongings faster than freight trucks. U-Haul trucks are tall with a wide and solid loading ramp. Designed to load everything by simply roll things up using a dolly instead of lifting things up.

Cargo vans are built with rub rails and tie-down to ensure all things secured while in transit. Trucks are equipped with compartment place above the truck cab. It is designed to hold and secure fragile things, like electronics and mirrors.

U-Haul customer service open 24/7, you can drop-off, pick-up, and reserve online and over the phone anytime. U-Haul trucks are capable of towing vehicles of any size. You can tow your own vehicle for easier travel. U-Haul trucks have fuel-efficient V-8 engines that use unleaded gasoline, which means it designed to saves fuel.

How much can a U-Haul truck hold and each truck serve?


10-foot truck: Best for a small studio apartment, small loads and deliveries
15-foot truck: Best for a 2-bedroom apartment and small houses
17-foot truck: Best for a 2-bedroom home and large bedrooms.
20-foot truck: Best for a home with 2–3 bedrooms and big houses
24-foot truck: Best for a home with 3–4 bedrooms
26-foot truck: Best for a home with 4+ bedrooms

Whether you are a parent of a large family or college student, a U-Haul truck rental has all the advantages that can make your move easier and smoother!

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