What’s the difference between Binding Estimate and Non-Binding Estimate?

What's the difference between binding estimate and non-binding estimate?

Binding Estimate

When a professional mover provides you a binding estimate, as long as you do not add any services, you only pay the price they have estimated for you. This advisable for families with multi-level homes, because its hard to get an accurate estimation due to numbers and volumes of your belongings. The downside is, this might be overestimated. Professional mover tends to aim high on estimation because they don’t know the actual bill of your belonging due to its volume.

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Non-Binding estimate

Non-Binding is the most common kind of interstate estimate. If a professional mover provides you a non-binding estimate, it is a guess of what your bill will cost. but you won’t know what your actual bill until the actual move out. They will weigh your actual belonging as they load in on the truck and tell you what its cost. If you’re looking for a lower moving fee, this is for you.

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