Things to Remember When Shipping a Car

April 30, 2020

Things to Remember When Shipping a Car

They have decided that cars and transport are not the only options, but they are the best choice for you, and they are also the most expensive. You can drive the car to your new home, or you can even sell it and buy a new one and drive it back to the house of your choice.

Know the difference between a broker and a carrier, and the differences between brokers and carriers, as well as the different types of shipping options available to you.

Brokers are companies that connect you to the actual car shippers, the so-called carriers, and they are usually faster and cheaper than carriers. Even if not all car carriers are the same, we recommend working with an agent if necessary. Learn more about broker vs. car shipping and act to your advantage and work with your broker, as brokers are usually faster than low-cost carriers!

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Whether open or closed transport, freight forwarders can transport your vehicle in a truck exposed to the elements (i.e. open transport) or in a closed vehicle (e.g. truck-to-truck transport). For most of our customers, “open transport” is the right way to go, but if you have to decide, you can always choose “closed transport.”

Closed transport is best suited to our customers “antique, classic and exotic cars, but if you really need a closed car transporter, you need to be cheap to get the job done.

We recommend that you compare offers from at least three companies, but not with the first company you find. It is also a good idea to spend about 10 minutes researching online reviews is recommended.

If you see a customer complaining that the final price does not match the original offer, proceed with caution. If you want to compare offers, you have to check the reviews yourself and compare them with your offer.

The date communicated to you by your vehicle carrier is the date on which the car is ready for collection. Usually it takes about four days from the date you select for the company to pick up the vehicle, so it’s time to choose the company you like best.

You want to make sure that the car is drivable when it arrives at your destination, so your car shipping company must be able to drive it on the transport truck. Your car transport company is obliged to take out basic liability insurance, but some companies offer supplementary insurance.

Get additional insurance coverage (optional): Get car insurance with a minimum of $1,000 per car or $2,500 per vehicle.

Check the battery to make sure it is not on a low charge: if the car does not start, it will cost more to transport and your transport company will not accept the vehicle if the emergency brake does not work. Make sure Before you pick up the tyres, they are properly inflated: check the batteries and make sure they are not under-charged.

Make sure you leave at least 30 minutes before the delivery driver’s arrival and no more than one hour before his / her arrival.
If your vehicle has leaking oil, transmission fluid or anything else, it is a good idea to have a mechanic come and refill it. This is not just an indiscretion you should be aware of, look to see if any wet spots are forming on the engine.

If your car has any mechanical problems that could prevent it from starting at any time during the transport process, take care of it. Make sure your gas tank is less than a quarter full if you want to run a few errands or pick up gas at your destination. The less a car weighs, the less you pay for it, so make sure it’s as close to full as possible.

A ski rack may be great for getting onto the slopes, but they can’t survive in a car transporter. Remove all accessories that could break off or fall off, such as ski racks, ski bags or ski helmets.

We recommend that you send your car with all your personal belongings, but you can minimize the risk of damage by folding your mirrors. You cannot remove mirrors from a luggage rack, so fold down the sides of the mirrors and store them in the trunk.

Some companies allow this practice, but many ban it because it increases the risk of your vehicle being damaged during transport. Be on the safe side and clean your whole car, including the trunk, before you ship it.

Summary : Things to Remember When Shipping a Car

  1. Decide if car shipping is your best choice
  2. Know the difference between brokers and carriers.
  3. Choose between open and enclosed transport.
  4. Research car companies.
  5. Pick a company.
  6. Select a date.
  7. Get extra insurance coverage (optional)
  8. Check your tires.
  9. Check your battery.
  10. Check your emergency brake.
  11. Check for leaks.
  12. Top off your fluids.
  13. Fix mechanical issues.
  14. Make sure your gas tank is less than a quarter full
  15. Remove your car attachments.
  16. Fold in your side mirrors.
  17. Clean your car.
  18. Disable your alarm.
  19. Deactivate your electronic toll pass (if applicable).
  20. Get a spare key.

If an alarm is triggered during transport, it can scare or annoy the driver, and we have even heard of drivers who run the risk of damaging the car by turning it off. Avoid the problem altogether by disabling the alarm, or at least completely disabling it before shipment.

If you have an electronic toll device, remove it from the vehicle, switch it off and, if necessary, deactivate the electronic toll card. If the car transporter crosses a toll road and you turn off your electronic ID card, you will not be charged a fee, even if you are behind the wheel.

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