Key Considerations When Renting A Storage Unit

January 13, 2021
Key Considerations When Renting A Storage Unit

A sensible alternative is to rent a storage unit if you’re running out of room in your home or office. Here are some instructions to ensure that you get the correct storage unit and that the features you are looking for are offered by the storage facility.

Not All Storage are The Same

You might still have an idea of what they are if you’ve never rented a storage unit before. The storage units at their base are enclosed spaces for storing your belongings in a clean, dry environment. But in terms of customer care, cleanliness, and security measures, you will be shocked at the broad chasm between facilities. While the price is always a factor, in comparison to having your things stolen or damaged, saving a few dollars each month will pale.

Choosing the Correct Storage Unit Size

If you’ve determined that a storage unit is a good idea, determining the size is the next step. Although your initial storage may be things that just won’t fit into the garage or basement, consider other items that may be better kept in your storage unit that reside in your house. Stuff like decorations for holidays that are used only at a certain time of year. In addition, products such as lawn furniture and equipment for the yard.

Furthermore, you may not only want to decide what you want to store today, but you should try to predict what needs to be stored down the road. Will you be downsizing any time soon, for example? You may have additional furniture and other things that you want to hold, but you won’t have room for them.

storage units

Location the Storage FAcility

Both the location of the storage facility itself as well as the location of the unit at the facility when we say location. You may be tempted to rent from a storage company that is nearest to your current home with regard to the location of the facility. While convenient, the facility can not have the characteristics you really want. A better plan is to expand the diameter of your quest to include facilities within half an hour of your house. The truth is, every day, week, or even month, you will most likely not be visiting your moving storage unit. You can also find one that provides better facilities at a lower price by expanding your search.

When you identify the location of the storage facility, find out where you want your unit to be in the facility. If the unit should be indoor or outdoor is the first decision. One that is housed inside the storage unit building is an indoor unit. They are accessible through an indoor corridor and are situated on the first, second, or even third levels, with elevator access to the upper floors.

The benefits of indoor units are that they are easier to enter, and your belongings would be safer from the weather as well as preserved year-round at a reasonably uniform temperature. The drawbacks are that loading and unloading objects, especially large items such as furniture, may be more difficult for you. Your hours of access may also be slightly more limited.

Outdoor units are those which are normally reached by driving up to them. The profit is the ease of loading and unloading directly into them. Outdoor unit sizes can also be larger than indoor units. These modules, however, are not quite as cozy as their counterparts indoors. And in the rain, snow, or other weather problems, you might find yourself having to move objects.


If you felt there was a risk your things would be stolen, you wouldn’t rent a storage unit, right? Well, with cut-rate storage firms, this occurs all too frequently. Identifying businesses that use the new security measures is what you want to do.

Do they feature the whole facility’s security system, indoors and out? Ask questions about how long the video is stored and how it is recorded.

Find out what kind of access system they use, as well. Ideally, you’ll want a facility that provides access to either fingerprint sensors or custom pin-code. These types of entry systems allow exactly who enters and exits and when to be monitored by the storage facility. Some facilities also have units that are individually notified for added protection.

Inspect the facility’s perimeter fencing. Does it go all over the floor? Is there any harm that might make access possible?

Finally, what kind of locks are located on the storage units themselves? Usually, there are three kinds of locks you’ll find on storage units. The typical padlock comes first. These can be quickly cut using bolt cutters while being inexpensive. Next, there are locks for discs.

These are similar to padlocks, but feature smaller, more difficult to cut, angled shackles. Then you’ve got cylinder locks, similar to the deadbolt lock used on the front door of your house. This is the most safe lock available, mostly because bolt cutters can not be used to cut it. The best advice is to check for a storage facility providing this kind of lock.

Look for storage for heated or climate-controlled

Most storage facilities sold only unheated storage units in the olden days of the storage industry. These units were also not usually insulated, meaning that your belongings were exposed to temperature and humidity extremes, which could be very dangerous to objects such as appliances, antiques and other items, depending on what you kept.

There are several higher-end installations today that provide either heated storage units or climate-controlled units. During the winter months, heated units hold the temperature up. They are also usually insulated so that within the unit, temperatures will not get too high during the summer months. Climate-controlled units are those that are year-round, thermostatically regulated to a constant temperature. This is the way to go if you have fragile objects.

Units that are made of steel are another thing to look for. Wood framing and drywall storage units absorb humidity and odor. These will enter your belongings finally, degrading them.

Visit the Facility

In reality, the best way to decide what you really get is to go to the facility you’re thinking about and ask to be shown around. There will be competent, friendly workers in a good storage company who will be more than happy to give you a full tour and answer all your questions. That can be a fair indicator of the type of service you are likely to get after you have rented, if you get a staff member who appears disinterested or irritated with questions you ask.

Ask to see the actual storage unit that you will rent or at least one on or in the same location on the same floor. This way, you will begin to imagine what it would be like to move your things in and out and be able to measure the necessary effort.

Ask other questions, such as what access and office hours are, whether the units are regularly monitored for water leakage, and what kind of pest control they use. Believe it or not, rodents have a major issue with certain storage facilities. In one of these, you certainly don’t want to store your valuables.


Check the storage facility feedback that you’re considering. Make sure to do it, whether you do it first or last. Read not just the feedback on the company’s website, but the Yelp and Google reviews. You’ll be able to get a better picture of what clients think of the facility by reading feedback on various pages.


Many storage facilities demand that you keep insurance in your unit for the contents. To see if your homeowners or renter’s insurance covers your goods in storage, you’ll want to check with our insurance provider. If not, via the storage business itself, storage insurance would almost invariably be available.

The benefits of using the insurance of the storage company are that it is usually very inexpensive, often covers rodent damage and transit items, and often comes with no deductible, while if you make a claim with the insurance of your homeowner, you will first have to pay your deductible and then run the risk of upping or cancelling your insurance.

Payment and Lease

Determine what the leasing policy of the company is. Do they sell month-to-month no-deposit leases or last month’s rent? Are you liable for the whole month if you quit in the middle of the month? A good facility would allow you, without a long lease agreement, to rent from month to month. If you leave mid-month, if proper notice has been issued, you will not be charged for a full month’s rental.

Know when payments are due, about the late payment policy of the company, and the methods of payment. In order to make paying your bill quick, some storage companies offer direct pay options as well as online bill pay.


Storing your belongings has come a long way in a storage facility. With so many storage choices out there, to ensure you get the storage you want and need, it’s important to do your homework.

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Importance of Temporary Storage Unit For Online Businesses

November 13, 2020
Importance of Temporary Storage Unit For Online Businesses

The growth of online businesses has been exceptional inside the most recent decade. As the high road is by all accounts disintegrating in each town and city, the universe of online business is thriving and becoming rapidly.

There are numerous advantages to maintaining an online business, yet one enormous weakness. The fundamental disservice is the absence of extra room. In the event that your business requires stock and doesn’t outsource, at that point you have an occasion space issue once your home carport is filled. Cheap Self-Storage can assist with illuminating that space, while likewise giving extra advantages to your online business. Here are 5 reasons each online business, much the same as yours, needs to think about cheap self-storage:

Preferable Business Security over Your Home, Office or Warehouse

Temporary storage unit are in the matter of guarding their client’s belongings. Expect highlights like different lock focuses and types, lighting, gating, day in and day out reception, security gatekeepers and the sky is the limit from there. Almost certainly, the security of your belongings in self- storage will be vastly better than in your home, stockroom or office, since that is the thing that the storeroom spends significant time in.

temporary storage unit

The Space

As opposed to paying costly warehouse contracts, or topping off your home with stock, you can utilize a temporary storage unit as large or as little as you need. Numerous offices will even take delivery for you, and in the event that you require a little or bigger space at various seasons that can be arranged. Your utilization of the distinctive extra storage are extraordinarily adaptable, which is perfect for the developing industry, which will normally fluctuate.

Peace of Mind

At the point when you’re beginning a business, the weight of where to have your things conveyed or how to pay mammoth storage expenses can be unpleasant. At the point when you utilize temporary storage unit, you can appreciate the true serenity realizing that you have the assistance you can use in the manner that best suits your business. No long agreements or significant expenses, which guarantee helpful genuine feelings of serenity for an entrepreneur with a great deal to concentrate on.

Better Costs

Warehouses and workplaces can be over the top expensive, particularly on the off chance that they are near city area. Cheap self-Storage costs less as well as comes free from tax, VAT and business rates. These sorts of budgetary advantages are an alluring possibility for any business hoping to limit running expenses.

Extra Online Business Benefits

There are typically heaps of added advantages to utilizing a cheap self-storage unit. Essentially you will find a workable staff who will do all that they can to support you. They may likewise offer additional services, for example, accepting deliveries, referrals, business spaces and even the ability to lease vehicles and gear.

These advantages of using self-storage as an online business are only the start of how this sort of service could support you.   

Need A Temporary Storage Solution for your Online Business?

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Things to Consider Before Leasing a Storage Warehouse

August 14, 2020
Things to Consider Before Leasing a Storage Warehouse

Except if you’re a part of a big organization, odds are you’ll lease your storage space, not own it. Also, when you search for warehouse space to begin putting away your item, it appears as though most distribution centers are designed for big businesses that need delivery and logistics.

In case you’re an small independent company, this presumably doesn’t portray your circumstance. You likely need something littler with greater adaptability. Before you pull the trigger and lease a warehouse, here are some interesting to consider


Another key consideration is the availability of your warehouse storage room. You’ll frequently be informed that your stockroom ought to oblige the parking of a 16 wheeler truck. In case you’re a small independent company, odds are you won’t be working with shipping and trucking companies to pull your merchandise. Rather, focus on the room you need. Do you just need parking? Will you need back a van or truck up to space? Would you like someplace you can pull in to maintain a strategic distance from the cold?

Another inquiry of availability is whether you intend to work out of the warehouse. Do you envision working in the warehouse storage center for a couple of hours every week? You should seriously think about including more space.

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Will the heat, cold, or moistness affects your item? Nothing would be more regrettable than losing all your stock after heat or cold front, or in the event that you live in an especially humid territory. Many warehouse storage spaces don’t offer HVAC systems, or in the event that they do, it’s on a renter-to-renter basis.

In the event that it turns out you do require a type of climate-controlled storage unit, make certain to get some information about the procedure. Some may expect you to install a framework yourself. Others may charge you for the establishment and support. It’s ideal to doublecheck.

climate controlled storage

Rent Length

Like the area size, attempting to gauge your rent length can set aside your cash. In the event that you know you’ll just need the space for a couple of months, don’t sign on for a year. See the requirement for a drawn-out responsibility? Try and talk your cost down on the grounds that you’re ensuring a long term relationship with the property administrator.

Most warehouses centers will attempt to arrange a more drawn out term, like 5-10 years. In the event that you don’t see yourself focusing on that time allotment, it might be ideal to look for a storage unit that takes into consideration shorter terms, or even month to month leasing.

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Make certain to know the estimating benchmarks, too. The normal rental cost was $6.11 per square foot. Notwithstanding, that estimate changed relying upon the region. Costs were at $4.75 in the South and $9.28 in the West.


You’ll need to consider who pays for what. In the event that you intend to utilize the space or utilize an HVAC, who pays for the electricity? Besides, in case you’re going to utilize electricity in your space, is the structure prepared to deal with your requirements?

Size of the Area

The main thing to consider is area. How much area of room do you really require for your item? Is it attainable to stack your item? What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t have access forklifts, what amount space will you have to stock everything within arms reach and at the ground level?

Another consideration with the area is if your current amount will be suitable for several months or a year down the road. It’s ideal to know whether you’re ready to buy more space from your landowner with short notice.

You’ll likewise need to check how the landowner is computing the area. You just need to pay for space you’ll really utilize. For instance, you would prefer not to pay for the dividers as a feature of your square foot value, which, sadly, some land owners will attempt to charge you for.

You additionally need to consider the working, operating, and maintenance costs. Modern rentals don’t care for private residential rentals. The landowner doesn’t consequently pay the tax charges or for maintenance support. Prior to signing the rent, ensure you know your duties.

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Interstate Removalist And Storage, Things You Need To Know

July 7, 2020
Interstate Removalist  And Storage, Things You Need To Know

To ensure you’re set up for your big move, we’ve made a rundown of all the significant things you have to know about interstate removalist and storage.

At the point, when you move interstate, there are a lot of things to sort out, particularly when you plan on utilizing secure storerooms. Storage is an incredible choice in the event that you have to keep your Household items in a protected spot until you’re prepared to move into your new home.

How Interstate Removalist store your Items?

At the point when you move interstate, you have to arrange for what you will do with your belongings and think about your storage alternatives.

In the event that you have a ton of things and won’t have the option to get into your new home immediately, secure strage is your best decision. Interstate removalists can gather every one of your possessions from your home, hold them in secure storage until you’re prepared, and afterward deliver them to your new home interstate.

interstate removalist

How long would you be able to utilize storage for?

Moving companies and storage will have various policies about storing time. A few spots have no restrictions on how long you can store your possessions, while others will. if you plan on moving into your new house soon, you probably won’t need storage for quite a while. In case you’re not moving in immediately, you’ll presumably require long-term storage. [ Read more about best interstate moving and storage ]

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The additional time you have to store your possessions for, the more cash going to cost you. This will change depending upon the company you’re with and what sort of storage it is. Ensure you get a precise paperwork statement before booking your storage so you can figure precisely the amount it will cost

Where you can store your Household Items?

There are a couple of alternatives for interstate removals and storage. You can decide to utilize a self-storage service where you can get to the storage yourself, or you can utilize proficient interstate removalists.

If you utilize a self-storage, at that point you can get to your belongings yourself. These facilities have rooms, storage spaces, or holders that you can enlist out so you can store your belongings inside. Nonetheless, you despite need everything to consider how you move your possessions interstate to your new home.

Going for a professional interstate removalist company, you get substantially more expert services. Storage facilities run by interstate removalists will be more secure and oversaw better. They are progressively secure as they are not open to the general public and to staff members. Interstate Removalist will store your things inside structures that are authorized, so you realize your items will be protected!

best interstate removalist

How WowMovers Stores Things

At WowMovers you can have confidence that all your storage needs will be secured. Our professional removalists offer door-to-door services. They will pack, gather, and store your things until you need them. .

For additional security, we likewise have a scope of protection or insurance choices. This will give you the true serenity of realizing your things will be secured the improbable event that they’re harmed or lost.

You’ll likewise be happy to realize that we have no time limitations on to what extent you can leave your belonging with us. In the event that you have to store your things for a couple of days, or a couple of years, we can deal with either. This gives you the opportunity of picking storage to suit your requirements, and it implies you don’t need to worry about making some particular time-frame.

What WowMovers can offer you:

No time breaking points or limitations on your storage
Packing Services
Utility connection at your new location interstate
Temporary Storage
Residential Moving
Pet transportation and Auto-Transportation
Piano Transport
Corporate Relocation

It tends to be riskful to work out interstate removals and storage. However, at Wowmovers, we make it simple. We will assist with shipping your products securely to your new home and will keep them in storage until you are prepared to move in. Our professional removalists will be there consistently to see if everything works out as expected. Trust Wowmovers with your move!

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