Top 5 Most Affordable Moving Companies

April 15, 2020
Top 5 Most Affordable Moving Companies

The value you’ll pay any moving companies relies upon a lot of various variables like where you live, how far you’re moving, and even what season it is. We can’t state precisely how much your move will cost, yet we can advise you to consistently search around! In the event that you don’t care for the cost from one mover, attempt another to find for affordable moving companies

1.Xfinity Moving

Xfinity Moving

2.Best Interstate Moving + Storage


3.College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

college hunks hauling junk

4.Two Men and a Truck

Two men and a truck

5.All My Sons Moving and Storage

All my sons moving and storage

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Tips: How to Make your Move Fun and Enjoyable

March 11, 2020
Tips: How to Make your  Move Fun and Enjoyable

Moving is stressful and hard work, but you can have a fun time too. These tips will make your move fun and less stressful.

Before leaving, say farewell to your friends, to your old places. Throw a party that they will never forget. Say goodbye to your friends you may not see much anymore.

Eating in your favorite place will shake off your stress. Threat yourself, order your favorite drink, watch movies and get a spa if needed.

Moving preparation is enjoyable and fun with friends and family. Pay for their food and drinks or treat them for a movie if you are done preparing. Remember to do the same for them, help them when they also need to move.

how to make moving fun

While preparing, play some music that you enjoy while packing boxes. Inform your family and friends with your new address. Send them moving cards.

Lastly, when all the hard work is done. Have a rest and toast and drink your favorite champagne.


How to Help your Pets make the Transition Easier While Moving?

March 11, 2020
How to Help your Pets make the Transition Easier While Moving?

Not only us people feel stressed or scared while  moving, pets too.
To make them comfortable, follow these easy steps to help your pets make the transition easier and faster.

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A friendly environment can help your pets comfortable. Make sure your new home is friendly to your pets. Give them space to play with. Check if there are some things that they do not like etc.

During move can be a hassle for pets, they might get lost in the process of moving. Put ID collar on your pets so it will not difficult for you and for someone you found your pets. Put email, new address and phone number on the collar so it is easy for them to locate.

Prepare a kennel for your pet before you move. Give them time to explore and get comfortable with the kennel for a few days before the actual moving day. A kennel can help your pets feel at home while moving.

Make sure to give them a wide and safe space to stay. Closed doors will avoid your pets from running outside your house, this will prevent them from an accident or disturbing your neighbors. Give them something to play and enough food.

Remember, pets need a lot of attention. Playing with them will help them during the transition.

How to Help your Kids Make Transition Easier While Moving?

March 11, 2020
How to Help your Kids Make Transition Easier While Moving?

Moving is stressful especially with kids. Leaving their friends and schools in particular. Here are the tips to help your kids make the transition smoothly.

Make sure to tell your kids the idea of moving as soon as possible so they can adjust and what to expect when the moving day comes.

Tell them all the information about why you need to move such as where do you want to settle and why.

Answer all the questions they might ask. SO they have an idea of what is going on. Kids are curious, so it is better to encourage them to ask questions.

Always stay positive. Dont make them feel negative about your moving. Tell them the positive part of your move. Metting new friends, going to a new school and renovating your new house

Set a party with their friend as a fun goodbye. Make them feel that your kids have fun with friends before moving.

Make them part of the move. Give each child a task during the move. Such as packing, garage sale and so on. Make your preparation an exciting part.

Play with them while moving. Don’t make your moving boring. If you already moved, Play hide and seek in order them to explore and familiars your you home