Relocation Guide: Moving to Cleveland can change your life

moving to Cleveland

Cleveland has a lot to offer, the city’s desirable qualities can be appreciated by anyone. So here’s why moving to Cleveland is such a good idea.

Are you thinking of moving to Cleveland? Cleveland is a mixed community, and a melting pot located on the shores of Lake Erie. People from this city are proud of it. You can say a lot about the lake-effect snow, professional sports team, and industrial park but the residents love this place.

Moving to Cleveland Guide

To see if the city is right for you, check if the size is right. As part of Cuyahoga, County Cleaveland is a home of around 380,00 people, with 2.1 million residents in Greater Cleveland and surrounding suburbs it is the 32nd largest metro in the US.

moving to Cleveland

Cost of Living

77.1 is the overall cost of living in Cleveland, Ohio which is way below the national average of 100. The low housing costs here balance out the higher property taxes and making it a considerably more affordable place to relocate especially for millennials.

However, the housing price here is on the rise so if you are interested in moving to Cleveland you might want to get going. Throughout 2019 the housing market in Cleveland has been a seller’s market that means the demand exceeds the supply.

It is important to remember that, depending on where you want to live, the living costs can vary. You might have to pay more in income taxes if you want to live in a nearby neighborhood. There are higher local wage taxes in many of the surrounding townships than within the region.

Moving to Cleveland?
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Job market

Finding a job in Cleveland might be a little tricky even with the job market on the upswing especially if you don’t have a business or work at home. You can consider looking for a job in the healthcare, finance, or auto industries if you cannot create a business or don’t have a freelancing gig.

The city is working hard to keep up with the recent urban renaissance, but college graduates are better served by the job market. Our per capita income has increased from $33,359 in 2003 to $50,772 in 2016 due to the rise in those with college degrees coming to Cleveland, a gain of 52 percent,” Maragos adds.”

There’s a place for everyone.

The Cuyahoga River divides Cleveland and its surrounding areas in two. These two halves are referred to as the East Side and the West Side, with each resident sharing a friendly rivalry. There’s Lake Erie to the north of the city, and there’s a couple of communities to the south, but for the most part, you’ll be choosing from the east or west.

Each side has unique characteristics to remember. The East Side could be for you if you like old, historic homes. The West Side is better if you want new buildings that are near the freeways. And go for a condo or apartment downtown if you want to be right in the action.

The best transit system in North America

Cleveland also has an outstanding and affordable system of public transport that is remarkable for the size of the region. While some still think it’s easier to get around by car, Cleveland’s public transit systems are world-class. The rail system of the RTA, also known as “the Rapid,” makes it effortless and safe to get around in Cleveland.

When your mates come to the city for a visit, you don’t even have to pick them up at the airport. A ride to the downtown core from the airport costs less than $3 using the Red Line Rapid train. In addition, you can get on one of the free downtown trolleys if you park downtown and want to get around without your car.

Moving to Cleveland?
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