Is Moving to Henderson, Nevada Right For You?

moving to Henderson

Moving to Henderson, NV? It might sit in the shadow of Las Vegas, but in its own right, it is a pretty fantastic place. rated Henderson as the #1 Major City in Nevada in 2019, and Forbes ranked Henderson as America’s 2nd Safest City in 2017.

The history of Henderson started with industrial growth when it supplied World War II magnesium, and now it is mostly known for residential and commercial development. For its 50 spectacular parks, highly regarded schools, hiking trails, excellent quality of life, and gorgeous master-planned neighborhoods, the city enjoys accolades.

Henderson is a perfect place to set up a home if you’re going to Nevada to take advantage of the zero state income tax. Henderson still retains a small-town feel, despite being the second-largest city in Nevada. It’s also a paradise for golfers. On courses in the city and outlying areas, you will be able to play all year round.

Moving to Henderson, NV?
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What to know before moving to Henderson

Living in Henderson, NV
As of 2018, Henderson, which is about 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas, has a population of 310,389. Given the high population, its many master-planned neighborhoods have a suburban feel. Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, in the McCullough Mountains, provides opportunities for outdoor exploration just southwest of Henderson. And the proximity to Las Vegas means your backyard has a taste of exciting big city life.

Demand For Housing
Around one-third of the residents of Henderson rent their houses, paying $1,521 in average monthly rent. That’s a little above the national average of $1,470. The median home cost was $326,900 as of September 2019. That is higher than the $231,200 national average. Not having a state income tax, however, helps to level out the above-average cost of housing and rent.

Although the cost of rent and housing is above the US average, Henderson has cheaper communities. As of 2019, Townsite, Black Mountain, Green Valley South, River Mountain, Clark County, Highland Hills, Foothills, Whitney Ranch, and Pittman are the most accessible communities.

Living Expense
On a national average index of 100, scores a city’s cost of living. Over 100 means that the cost of living is more costly than average, while below 100 means that it is cheaper than average. For Henderson, the cost of living index is 127.5. The Housing score, 166; and Transportation, 137; are the largest contributing variables in the above-average cost of living for Henderson. Groceries, 97; healthcare, 95; and services, 100.7; are all below the national average or similar to it.

The median household income in Henderson is $63,830. A family of four will have to earn $6,422 per month, or $77,068 annually, to get by in this area, according to the Family Budget Calculator of the Economic Policy Institute.

Economy & Jobs
Over the last year, the work market in Henderson has risen by 3.5 percent, and you can foresee an expected growth of 42 percent over the next ten years, almost 10 percent more than the 33.5 percent rate in the US. The unemployment rate is 4.5%, which is only a tick above the 3.9 percent national average.

The government, healthcare, tourism, and gaming are the top industrial sectors. The City of Henderson, St. Rose Dominican Hospital-Siena Campus, Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, M Resort, Barclay’s Services LLC, Rose de Lima Campus, Fiesta Henderson Casino Hotel, Titanium Metals Corp of America, and Sunrise Carpentry are the top employers. A good resource for finding work is Nevada JobConnect.

Moving to Henderson, NV?
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