Is it really worth moving your home?

Worth moving your home

Many people ask if moving their whole home is really worth it. Aside from all the work that you and your family are going through, isn’t it expected to have new furniture for your new home? Are you torn apart between moving all the furniture and buying a new set? We might have the answer for you,

Your main concern during the move is about furniture. If they could or could not survive the trip. If your coffee table breaks during it are being carried then it is better off to buy a new one. Not only that it would save you money from the mover’s charge, but it will also save you time for packaging it as well. You can also compute your furniture’s depreciated value, and you can sell them off before moving and buying a replacement. Depending on how did you used your old furniture, will decide on how much money can you earn and add to your budget for a new furniture set.

While most people think that moving their own is the cheaper option, you might want to recalculate and update the list that you have. Add on to the list is a group of 3 movers that will charge around $25 per hour each. The moving vehicle, usually a truck depending on the distance of the move, will you charge around $80-$100. A 2-bedroom space package where you can bring with you over 6000lbs of things will set you back $3500-$4500. There’s also a special rate for professional movers who can help you pack your items.

  Whatever your choice maybe always remember that the main goal here is to save as much money as you can. If you think that your equipment is old enough to be disposed of then do it. Maybe the move was the little push that it was waiting.