How to File Claims Against a Moving Company for Damages and Losses

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Even the best interstate movers or top local movers made mistakes. Professional Moving companies will give you a form to fill and send via email for them to review. After drafting your claim, you can file the form within 9 months from the date you moved. Submit a list and photos of all damaged items for evidence.

The law requires professional moving companies to respond or notify you that they received your claim within 30 days of filing. Within 120 days of filing, movers must deny or pay the damage if proven.

If the moving company doesn’t notify or respond to you within 120 days, you can file complaints through the Better Business Bureau or FMDSA. This will force them to resolve the issue. If not, this will result in losing their license to operate in the state.
best interstate movers
Filing complaints through FMCSA’s will reflect on their consumer’s complaint database and will be list listed on their public records. FMCSA will take action against the company and they will notify you for more information.

You have the right to take the company to the court if they refuse or if they offer you insufficient settlement offers. You can submit a small claim court though UslegalForms. You must provide evidence, moving contract and tracking of the items.

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