Step by Step Guide on Switching Banks

May 13, 2021
Step by Step Guide on Switching Banks

It’s not easy to move. There’s a lot to organize, plan, and coordinate. Timelines are always strict, and assistance can be difficult to come by. It’s important to keep yourself organized with a moving checklist but do remember to put switching banks at the top of your list

If you remain organized, making a bank account transfer is actually very easy. Switching banks, rather than feeling like a chore, can be a positive and even pleasant experience that helps you settle into your new town and community.

Thanks to technological advances that help speed up the application process, you can now open an account with some banks online in minutes.

The Process of Switching Banks

Switching banks will seem to be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. There could be many banks in town, so start with your local branches and work your way up.

The best banks don’t charge fees, have engaging mobile banking apps, make it simple to contact a bank representative, and have reasonable rates.

1. Know What Type of Bank you Want

Since not all financial institutions are the same, it’s crucial to think about which form of the bank would better serve your needs before switching.

For your banking needs, there are three major types of financial institutions:

Traditional Banks
Not only do big-name banks like Capital One and Wells Fargo have physical locations, but so do your local neighborhood and regional banks. While the convenience of a local branch is certainly appealing to others, the fees and rates charged by these banks are usually higher than those charged by credit unions or online banks.

Credit Unions
Credit unions vary from conventional banks in that they are non-profit organizations run by their members. They function similarly to banks, but they frequently offer lower interest rates and fees than conventional banks.

Online Banks

If you want to do your banking online and don’t mind the lack of local branches, an online bank is a good option. Since these banks avoid the costs of having a physical location, they often pass these savings on to their customers in the form of low fees and competitive interest rates.

In order to better satisfy their financial needs, some people use a variety of banking services. Check to see if your bank has any clear guidance about how to do so.

2. Time it Well

It will take some time to completely set up your account so that it is ready to use. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a head start on your accounts before you move so they’re ready to go when you arrive.

It’s a good idea to give yourself two weeks to complete the process because, while some banks provide access through mobile apps right away, it can take up to ten days for your new banking documents and debit card to arrive by mail.

Be sure to move all bank account transactions to your new account, such as direct deposits and auto payments, and give yourself a few banking cycles before closing your old one.

3. Look for Application Requirements

Every sign-up procedure is unique. Some banks require you to mail in forms or visit a local branch, while others manage the entire application process electronically.

Many banks today will assist you in easing the pressure of switching banks by providing special transfer services that will make your life simpler. Your new bank will be a huge aid in keeping your finances in order after you pass, from notifying your creditors of new payment information to automatically converting your direct deposits. Furthermore, excellent customer service can be a deciding factor when it comes to selecting a new bank when you relocate.

requirements for switching banks

4. Opening your New Account

When you settle on a new home, the sign-up process is a vital part of how to move banks. Although online banks often offer an entirely online sign-up process, credit unions and traditional banks can require you to check your new account in person at a local branch. To verify your identity when opening a new bank account, you usually need to display a government-issued photo ID.

It’s also possible that a minimum deposit will be needed, so double-check your bank’s new account requirements.

5. Link your old account

Before you can close your old account, make sure all outstanding transactions and direct deposits have been processed.

You will determine the following for your new account by reviewing one year’s worth of statements:

Also, unlink any accounts you may have and clear any safe-deposit boxes you may have.

Final Words

For many people starting their next chapter, the issue of how to turn banks when moving to a new town is a nagging one. Your financial transition is particularly important at a time when so much of your life is in flux. Staying coordinated and educated is crucial when switching banks. Take the time to research the best regional banks and online banks to find the one that is right for you.

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Reasons Why We Should All Be Moving To California

May 9, 2021
Reasons Why We Should All Be Moving To California

Many people dream of living in California. It’s a lot of people’s dreams, including me. There is much reason why people love moving to California. Is it a great idea? Here, we are going to discuss why California is a People’s Dream to live.

It’s California, everybody knows it’s a great place. There is a lot of tourist attraction in the States to visit. Thousand of people- if not millions visiting California every month. Hundreds of properties are available for sale, the real estate market is booming. You only need to find what you need and most importantly budget in order for you to move in the state.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

Many people say Southern California has the best weather in the world! Well no matter where in California, you can expect great weather. Since the warming of air does not normally produce clouds, its a perfect climate for everyone to enjoy.

weather in california

California’s landscape is recognizable. From nice beaches, lakes, and dessert, to beautiful valleys. If you love adventure, California is the perfect place for you.

If you love eating, California has a lot to offer. Food is another pride of the state. From food truck, delicious cuisine to a luxury restaurant that serves world-class food in the world.

Education in California is top-notch. There are many top schools based in the states. Bachelor’s Degree? Masters Degree? You name it. You can pursue any field you can think of.

stanford University

If you love nightlife like me, you can find any kind of party in the state. Hangout with celebrities like a regular day. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, they have the best clubs in the world.

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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Florida

May 8, 2021
Things You Should Know Before Moving to Florida

Moving to Florida is something for everyone, from art, beaches, and impressive stadiums. No wonder why Florida is one of the most population in the United States. Whether you are chasing the warm beach weather or choose to stay at a low cost of living, you still need to do some research.

Being a diverse state from its two halves North and South, Florida attracts a lot of people. Since there are a lot of places and events happening here, it’s no wonder why tourists are lured to the Sunshine State. Here are some of the things you need to know about moving to Florida.

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Reasons Why Moving to Florida is a Great Idea!

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Warm weather in South Florida
Florida enjoys warm weather paired with a beautiful white beach around the state. Tourists and locals come here to enjoy the sun and sand. If you like to go out a lot in the sun, then Florida is a good option for you. But, knowing that the southern side is lying in the sea, hurricanes are always coming up to you. You are obliged now to check on the weather updates especially during hurricane season. You should also read about calamity risk management just to be sure, that when you are caught up, you will somehow survive.

Nightlife happens here
Aside from Cancun, Mexico, Daytona is another host of the infamous “Spring Break”. So if you love to party, this is the right place for you. You can enjoy different activities like dance clubs, sports bars, coffee shops, billiards, and game rooms, you name it, it’s here. Socialize with tourists from around the world.

South Florida is not as South as you think
The culture here is not Southern Americana. It is largely influenced by Latin culture that is brought by people who live here. The accent and the way people speak is also not similar compared to from southern states. Food is also different, like its culture, a lot of Latin taste with a mix from different cuisine around the world can be found here.

Taxes are low
We know this is good news for you. And yes, state income tax does not apply here. Add to that one of the lowest costs of living and you got the perfect combination. But of course, there’s always a drawback. Gas taxes here are higher though, so you might want to reconsider getting a car or living far from work.

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Here are some things you should know if you are moving to Florida. If you think that this is the place for you, then come on down south and enjoy the sun in the Sunshine State.

moving to florida

If you really want to go move into Florida, make sure to consider why will you fit in, can you handle the state’s population? Can you sustain your everyday living? Take time to process that might affect your daily life. Here, we are going to share what are the pros of living in Florida and why it is one of the best places to live.

If you decide moving to Florida your new home, give us a call and we are happy to help you. Living in Florida is like a vacation. From beaches, theme parks, and attractions mean there are hundreds of vacations. Head over to our Moving Search page to find and book for the best moving company that suits your needs. We have a list of trusted, proven and reliable moving companies.

Commercial and Business Moving Guide

April 21, 2021
Commercial and Business Moving Guide

Moving your office or business to another location is a big challenge. Looking for a good commercial moving company is a big challenge too.

Fortunately, We at WowMover will help you to find the best commercial moving company. If you are ready to relocate, there are many things to consider to help you and your employees worry-free.

Relocating your business requires more planning than residential moving. A good commercial moving company will layout a smart strategic plan from preparation to your moving day.

Xfinity Moving is one of the most experienced companies in the United States that can help you relocate your business. Since relocating business is more complicated than residential, Xfinity commercial moving services has a dedicated team that can assist with all the moving process.

Read our list of best interstate moving and storage review to learn more Xfinity Moving Services

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Tips for a safer and easier residential moving
Commercial Moving Services

Things to expect from a good commercial moving company

Detailed Cost Analysis
A professional mover will give a free quote to help you determine your expenses. Moving office is costly, a detailed cost analysis will help you set your budget.

A Helping Hand
A professional mover will help you pack and unpack your office belongings. Packing and unpacking items with your employee are time-consuming. They will ensure assistance from packing to unloading to your new destination.

Safety First
You don’t want broken PC monitors or missing things, right? Professional commercial movers will ensure extensive care for your office supplies or office equipment. They are highly trained and experienced to handle all your belongings until you reached your new office.

Commercial Moving License and Insurance
Other things to consider, make sure to check commercial mover license or if they have insurance. You should have a representative to coordinate with them from time to time. And lastly, check if they have the right equipment, relocating services always on time, and enough workers to help you.

We hope this article will help you move easier and safer!

Ready to relocate your Business?

PODS Moving Cost, Container Types, and More For 2021!

April 4, 2021
PODS Moving Cost, Container Types, and More For 2021!

Bottom Line: For self-pack moves, Portable on Demand Storage (PODS) gives you convenience. more than other storage companies out there. It provides a good range of container sizes and pods moving cost is reasonable. If you plan your move months in advance, the availability of containers is not a problem. In comparison to competitor companies for long-distance container movements, PODS pricing can also be higher.

COVID-19: PODS are open as an essential business. learn more

PODS is first known to start the storage and container services, which enables movers to self-pack belongings into containers that are then transported to the destination.

Since 1998, the company has been in the game of container and storage, making it one of the most established companies out there.
For people who want to take their time to move, PODS is fantastic; if you need storage before, during, or after your move it is a budget-friendly moving choice.

But PODS may not be the best choice for you unless you know your moving plans a month in advance before your actual moving day. Containers tend to be booked months ahead of when they are needed. For long-distance moves, PODS does not offer online quotes. It also tends to be slightly more costly for long-distance moves than other container companies.

PODS moving cost cross country is less expensive than moving trucks. It is several hundred cheaper according to researches than moving with trucks cross country. But pods moving and storage trucks are more affordable for a short distance than PODS. 

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is one of the best moving container companies. You can always choose whether you load boxes by yourself or hire professional packers from cheap moving companies when packing your belongings. You can load everything including furniture but it depends if it fits. Make sure to load everything perfectly. You need to consider shapes, sizes, weight limits, etc. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Storage Unit in 2020)

Get A Free Quote for PODS
Get a free quote for all your moving needs right now with Wowmover.

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pods moving cost
long-distance moving

Moving to Another State? Check out our list of the Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

You can rent a pods container via month to month basis only, it always depends on your contracts. You can keep as long as you want but they will continue you to charge pods moving cost. You can keep it on your home or at a secure PODS Storage Center.

Pods moving and storage for local move usually between $299 to $499, and an average of $1,237 to $2,999 for long-distance moves.

PODS cost is based on many factors such as time frame, the season of the year, how many containers do you need, size of the container, and distance. Request a quote here for a more accurate estimate.

Moving to Soon?
Find and compare movers near you. Filter by location and services offered to find your next mover in seconds.

How Pods Moving Cost Calculated?

How much does PODS cost to move? There is a different factor to calculate pod price, Here’s are the factors;

Relocation distance
Season and timeframe of your move
How many containers needed and size
Are you store the container at the PODS facility or driveway?

pods moving cost


It measures 16 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet. This is the largest portable container they offer. Ideal for a home with 3 to 4 rooms. It can move and handle the bulkiest item and has wide space.

It measures 12 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet. Medium-sized portable containers that can handle the medium-sized moves, such as homes with 3 or 4 rooms or apartments.

It is the smallest portable they offer, but it doesn’t mean it’s not effective. In fact, It measures 7 feet x 7 feet x 8 feet than can fit 2 king-size mattresses, refrigerator, and two sofas.

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We’ve put together several guides and tips to help with your moving. 

Tips for Finding and Moving Into A New Home

March 26, 2021
Tips for Finding and Moving Into A New Home

It is a good idea to plan as much as possible in advance if you want to move into a new home. Preparedness means deciding what kind of house you want, where you want it to be, and how much you can afford. In addition, you would want to ensure that the procedure is organized, that expensive things are properly shipped, and that your new home is ready when you arrive.

Understand what you can afford

What you can do first is to find out exactly what you want from home, what you need, and what you need to pay to get it. A number of bedrooms may be required if you have children, or if you have pets, a backyard. You may need a home in the area where you work from home or telecommuting at a minimum speed internet service provider. You will help reduce the list of prospective homes by figuring out what you want, against what you absolutely need.

You’re also going to spend time looking at your budget and how much you can spend on your house. It is important to note that you pay only one portion of your rent or monthly mortgage for a home. In addition to rent or lease, the expenses of public services, landlord or homeowner’s insurance, income tax and in some situations the association fees are also to be taken into account. Regardless of whether you purchase a house or rent, you would possibly have to pay closing costs, deposits and application fees.

There are a number of online calculators to help you understand how much electricity and other services you can expect to pay for. You may also also call utility providers in advance before you travel and get a general price quote. If you buy a house requiring any maintenance, be sure to contribute to the cost of repairs, refurbishments and improvements. Bear in mind that contractors’ estimates are approximations only, so it is vital that certain additional costs such as furnace replacement, the repair of a roof , roofing installation or the repair of a driveway are kept in your budget.

See house prospects

You will begin to narrow down which homes you want to look at until you know what you have to have and what you can invest. In addition to ensuring that a home is in your price range and is in reasonable condition, you would also want to ensure sure the apartment or home location is well suited for your life.

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You will want to make sure you live in a good school system and a safe area with plenty of sidewalks if you have children. If you want to live in a rural area and drive to the city to work, you would also want to look at traffic and transport times. A few kilometers away can transform into a very long driving period, if the roads are not in good condition or if the traffic is not sufficient for rush hour traffic.

Complete the agreement

Once you have chosen it, you will have to finish it all and make sure your new home is ready. Make sure you collect keys or send them to you and know any new house access codes. Make sure you know the gate code for yourself or you add yourself to a resident list when you live in a gated community.

It is also a good idea to have basic services, such as water and electricity, enabled before moving. If necessary, turn on them a few days in advance of your arrival. This ensures, in unforeseen situations, that you still have water and energy.

Tips for Finding and Moving Into A New Home

Prepare for relocationMove into a new home

It is much easier for many people to hire movers instead of addressing the challenge alone. Movers not only bring your household goods to your new home, but they also pack and load things into a truck and unload them. Professional movers often provide repair or replacement coverage if anything is broken during a move.

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If you take care of your move or get professionals to do the job, you will have to understand what you are doing and plan anything for the journey. One of the first things you have to do is find out what you want to hold and get rid of. The majority either sell things that they don’t want through a website such as Craigslist or sell garages. If you don’t want to sell things that you don’t need anymore, consider donating to a charity. Some of the charities provide programs to collect donated items. There are also several charities in shopping centers with drop boxes.

Moving Tip: Garage Sale Helps you Lighten up your Load

Once you know what’s going on, you need to think really hard about marking furniture, equipment and boxes. The room or box in your new home should be included in the labels. If the object is fragile or is to be moved, like a piano or old furniture, be sure that you mark it as such.

Labeling and being fragile would also make sure when they are filled and unloaded, the boxes are carefully marked. It’s easier to ensure that nothing is damaged until you get to your new home because you won’t have time to go through bedding boxes to make sure that nothing is harmful.

Working with a moving companies

You would want to get an estimate to find out what kind of moving coverage you want if you plan to work with the moving companies. You can get many figures. It is recommended. This will ensure that the cost of the support you need is a reasonable price.

The way the majority of the movers charge depends on weight and the distance. So, someone generally needs to review your home content to get an idea of the cost of moving your household. It should be noted that if your household goods weigh more than estimated, the final move cost will vary from your estimates and it is vital that you have an adequate evaluation.

The moving insurance you want is also selected. There are two choices: value security and value protection. There are two options. Protection of released value is $0.60 for each pound of damaged goods. You can get up to $60 for a 100-pound couch that is ruined. But if a smaller, yet more costly item like a TV is destroyed, you will probably be much cheaper than the item. The security of full value offers far more stringent coverage, since a moving company must replace or fix the object, but it also costs more than the protection of value.

You can also ensure that any item priced over $100 per pound is marked as a high-value item or that the mover does not have to refund you when it is damaged. The cost of your transfer includes value security given automatically; how much more would you pay if you wish to cover the full value depends on the mover and the value of the object.

When your mover arrives, they will give you a bill of lading that should include a full list of your home goods. Make sure it is complete and you are conscious that any delicate objects are relocated.

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Arriving at Your New Home

You would want to make sure you have everything done without being lost or hurt once you have arrived at your new home. Your bill of lading can be used as a moving checklist to ensure that everything put on a truck was removed from the truck. You should also ensure that anything that is expensive or easily broken is the same as in your last home.

It is necessary for you to check as soon as possible the status of your expensive products because the filing of claims is normally restricted. You may fail to complete repair or replacement that you would otherwise have had rights to, if you prolong the inspection of your domestic goods

Once you have all unpacked and start settling into your new house, explore your neighborhood. You probably choose your home for your local services, so go and get to know the area where your new home is located.

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Guides on How to keep your Home Clean while Moving

February 24, 2021
Guides on How to keep your Home Clean while Moving

One thing is pretty certain when you find yourself moving to a new home; you’ll find that this is anything but a clean operation. And if you’re considering a long-distance move, like moving to New York from Florida, you’re going to have to deal with a mess. The process of organizing and preparing a transfer is a long one, of course. So, it’s going to be more than a few days. And even, when moving to your new one, you may want to keep your home clean. But with too many moving-related chores, can you pull it off? A definite yes is the answer if you do things correctly. And we’re here to help you make that happen!

Your daily routine of cleaning

Unfortunately, when you start thinking about recruiting the best moving companies, you can’t ask them to care about your home’s cleanliness as well. This is something you would have to think about yourself if you want to keep your home clean when moving. Even for people who want to be clean, this is not easy, as they get completely irritated by the lack of order. But let’s face it, moving, if not chaotic, is nothing.

But don’t worry, there are ways to do that if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home to at least a certain degree. Only think about how you normally go about washing, you need to. This is where habits vary among individuals. Some, for example, are prone to cleaning their homes constantly, bit by bit. In passing, they do some cleaning; a swift dusting off of a shelf, or a few dishes here and there. There are also individuals, however, who are more accustomed to larger cleaning sessions that are not as often.

Adjust the pacing

Keep in mind everything we’ve said so far; how can you best keep your home clean while moving? Should it be up to us, we would certainly advise you to try piece by piece to clean everything. There is no other way to keep your home other than to do it in stages, at least while planning and executing a relocation. Think about it; as you start packing, there will not be any time for spring cleaning; you will simply have other menial chores on your mind. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to have anything to do, even though you call licensed movers to support you with your packing.

You don’t, of course, have to do all the cleaning on your own. If you’re willing to pay extra money for cleaning services, there are some options for assistance. However, while that’s an obvious choice, many individuals do not have the budget to pay for [moving services] and external cleaning at the same time. Plus, no-one is more likely than you to clean up your own household more thoroughly.

The actual cleaning

Obviously, if you want to keep your home clean when moving, thoroughness and patience are one of the most important qualities you need to possess. Only such a deep level of dedication can enable you to equally successfully juggle household chores and moving tasks. And that’s precisely why we’re going to give you a tip to solve a lot of your logistical problems. First of all, you should be mindful that dust would be your principal problem during the relocation. Seeing everything moving around and loaded on your moving truck; expecting dust to appear from places you could never have reached while living there.


However, it does not matter; nothing to be ashamed of or frustrated with. You just need to use this chance to clean up all those nasty areas that you haven’t thought about in ages. Start in the top areas and work your way down to the bottom corners, such as shelves. This is the most effective technique, since it is likely that any dust you wipe off the top areas will end up on the floor or other lower spaces.

Don’t forget about the exterior

Up until now, while moving from the inside, we have only mentioned the techniques you should use to keep your home clean. That doesn’t mean, however, that your exterior does not at least deserve some attention as well. The last thing you want is to leave a messy yard behind; that’s why not all that matters is the interior. Plus, once moving day comes, your movers will be slowed down and hampered by all the tiny obstacles if your yard becomes cluttered and chaotic. This is especially true if you are planning to move during the fall or winter. The weather may not be your ally in that situation; another reason to have everything as tidy as possible outside.

outside cleaning

This is a careful balancing act, of course, which you need to maintain. You don’t want to spend your yard cleaning a stupid amount of time; don’t get caught up in minor landscaping projects for which you don’t really have the time. Being effective, after all, is the name of the game during a move. That’s the main reason why, before you begin cleaning, you should think long and hard about your priorities. This will allow you to concentrate on what really counts. That way, there will be no part of your move left in neglect; nor will any part of your home stay dirty.

As you can see, while moving, keeping your home clean is more of than a science. Every household is different, and you really can’t pinpoint the exact order that everybody should do things in. But if you approach the problem with a level head and go through everything rationally, even during a relocation, you should have no trouble maintaining a reasonably clean household.

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How To: Moving Valuables The Right Way

February 19, 2021
How To: Moving Valuables The Right Way

No one wants to go home and change their surroundings. Let alone, by moving them around the state, endangering their possession. Yeah, you’ll be delighted if you are moving to a new job or a bigger house. But the tiresome moving process always needs you to go through it. To transport your belongings safely, you can plan, pack, and find movers. Therefore, let us help you with a few of the most useful tips.

You cannot do this without a proper moving company

There are hundreds of useful moving ideas, but how to find a moving company is the most important one. Who will be managing your valuables is extremely significant. No matter how you pack it, your transfer would be a catastrophe if you have dishonest or incompetent movers with you. You should begin to search online for moving company to prevent such a thing. Compare costs, review, and services. Narrow down the quest before you find a handful that could be viable. Then, just give them a call to get more details to help you finalize your moving strategy.

Find a reliable, professional, and well-equip moving company

But before you do, you can get enough details on your own. The scope of your project for relocation should be realized. You should create a moving checklist of all the assignments you should complete before the moving day to do it correctly. Check your house, then, and find out how many valuables you have to pack. This approach will give you the approximate numbers of the quantity of moving materials, the number of moving boxes, and the total cost of moving. Then call your movers and work your way towards a good relocation after you have all this info.

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Researching the moving industry

But you must know that merely clicking on a website and absorbing everything there is not enough. You should also make sure your movers are legitimate and a company worth recruiting. A detailed inspection is, therefore, in order. You’ll probably have enough time to do the following:

Double-check the moving company’s validity and confirm it. Go and do your homework online.

This one is probably the most useful of all the tips we can offer for moving valuable objects. You’re not going to have to deal with sketchy movers if you spare an hour or two to find out all the details.

How To: Moving Valuables The Right Way

Moving valuables is a well-laid packaging plan

All must be packed carefully, whether we are talking about moving furniture or other household objects. You’ll need a lot of supplies for packing to do it right. First of all, search your furniture to find out whether you can disassemble any of it and make moving easier. If you do, try to individually wrap each piece and remember where it was prior to removing it.

Yeah, we all want to help as much as we can to make things simpler. But maybe you don’t know how to prepare a king-size bed to pass home, disassemble a pool table, or even moving a piano. Some item in one piece and with a specialized moving team are best moved. Therefore, before doing anything, think about it.

All of the home appliances and smaller household products, on the other hand, are up for grabs. Using cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs and stickers, you can store it all. At the bottom of the package, simply put blister packs or any other sort of cushion and place your products on top. You can fill the holes with crumpled paper or more cushions until the box is complete. Then close the package, add the packaging tape, and correctly mark it. Labels will provide information about the items inside and when handling delicate items, whoever carries them around will be more vigilant.

You should use higher-quality supplies for packaging

If you have a budget and want to add another layer of protection, you can still use better supplies for moving valuables. As they are somewhere in the centre, we have already listed blister packs. These packaging materials are extremely costly for some individuals, while others find them inexpensive. Find out, then, where you stand and what you can afford.

The options are huge, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, foam edge protectors, and corner pads are widely used. Of course, there are moving boxes, metal containers, plastic barrels, and wooden crates that are custom made. And remember that a combination of the two can be used and still stay within your budget’s limits.

Another tip for exchanging valuables is to purchase moving insurance.

You should make sure that you are doing it safely, no matter what you do. You shouldn’t do it at all if you do not know how to move boxes and furniture. It is much safer to let your movers do it instead. They have the skills and experience, and you even pay them to do it. But if you try to tackle those aspects on your own, make sure that you have at least a first-aid kit nearby.

When running, cuts and bruises are common injuries, and you should be prepared for them. On the other side, you also want to make sure that your things are safe. Especially if you have in your possession a few valuable antique items. So, you should be consulting with your movers and buying moving insurance. Or seek a proper insurance company’s full coverage.

Okay, you know a couple of extra tips now for moving valuables and how to do it right. Know, you won’t have to worry for a second as long as you have a reliable moving company enlisted for the job.

Find A Moving Company Near You

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Moving to Tennessee? Read This Guide First

October 12, 2020
Moving to Tennessee?  Read This Guide First

Moving to Tennessee? Well, you’re in the right place. We will discuss what makes the state so intriguing. What makes you want to move to Tennessee? These questions asked multiple times. Why do people choose to move to? What’s makes Tennessee special?

With numerous galleries to visit if you love artisans, craft, and arts. Several theaters for people who love musicals, dramas, and comedies. Discovering new talents and crafts in Tennessee is countless.

This place also is known as “God Country” for its esthetic and beauty. From horses, cows, historic buildings, rolling hills, rail fences, and bustling brooks, these are some reasons why you want to love Tennessee.

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moving to Tennessee

Tennessee is consistently ranked in the top 5 best places to live in the United States. This location is packed with hospitality and southern appeal, annual festivals, shopping boutiques, and food places.

Tennessee Job Market

Tennessee has had the fastest-growing job market in most large counties in the United States. William County contributes an incredible job growth and above-average pay because of it’s a highly educated population. If you are moving for a job, Franklin is good for you. The area has only a 2.5% unemployment rate.

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Buying a home and the cost of living

If you are planning to buy a home in Tennessee, you will find plenty of prices below the average median home value, lower than the national average. It is a complex process though, you will need a down payment of 15% of the house selling price. Once you purchased, there will be utility and maintenance costs, home insurance, and property taxes.

58% of the population of Franklin, TN have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This is the reason why the area has a strong and reliable economy. With a 6.89 million population and an average of $98,400 salary, Franklin is expected to grow 153% by 2040. The cost of living in Franklin is 4% lower than average, making the city one of the wealthiest counties in the United States.

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Cost of Living Index in Major Cities of Tennessee

City, StateCompared to National Average
Kingsport, Tennessee-13.6%
Johnson City, Tennessee-13.9%
Jackson, Tennessee-5.0%
Germantown, Tennessee-16.3%
Franklin, Tennessee-5.2%
Murfreesboro, Tennessee-5.5%
Clarksville, Tennessee-9.7%
Chattanooga, Tennessee-6.6%
Knoxville, Tennessee-4.8%
Nashville, Tennessee-4.8%
Memphis, Tennessee-16.1%

Best Schools in Tennessee

Mcfadden School Of Excellence
Coffee County Raider Academy School
Merrol Hyde Magnet School
Clovercroft Elementary School
Discovery School
Julia Green Elementary School
Hamilton County Collegiate High At Chattanooga Sta School
Lockeland Elementary School
Glendale Elementary School
Lipscomb Elementary School

Public Schools
Williamson County School District
Franklin Special School District

Private Schools
Battle Ground Academy
Benton Hall School
Franklin Classical School
Franklin Christian Academy
Grace Christian Academy
Heritage Covenant School
Montessori School of Franklin
New Hope Academy
St. Matthews Catholic School
Willow Hall Academy

Higher Education
Belmont University
Columbia State Community College,
Lipscomb University
University of Phoenix
Williamson College

Moving to Tennessee?

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Seniors Move: 5 Moving Tips and Advice

October 8, 2020
Seniors Move: 5 Moving Tips and Advice

In order to make helping seniors move as easily as possible, we are going to share moving tips for senior citizens. Making a household move is hard in every season of life, but moving as a senior citizen is even more challenging.

Whether you’re relocating to be closer to the grandchildren or you’re moving into a senior living community, make the process easier on yourself by keeping these five tips in mind.

Seniors Citizen Moving Tips

1. Get Help.

Moving is difficult, so don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family for help! It’s easier to pack and move when you have support. Even if they’re unable to help physically, they probably have some useful recommendations to share.

2. Prepare to Downsize.

One of the hardest parts of moving as a senior citizen is deciding what to do with your things, especially because you may be downsizing significantly.

While some items are sure to have emotional significance, many probably don’t. So start the moving process by going through each room and sorting your things. Make a pile (or list) of things to keep, donate, and trash.

Tip: To make the sorting process easier, use colored dots or sticky notes to categorize each item.

3. Take a Break!

Moving is emotionally and physically draining at any age, but it’s even harder when you have physical limitations and 50 or 60 years’ worth of stuff.

So give yourself a break! Don’t try to do everything at once. Take time to read, watch TV, or go for a walk—anything to relax.

seniors move

It’s easier to take a break when you aren’t on a tight deadline, so begin the moving process early! Start by making inventory lists or donating goods.

4. Consider your Medical Needs.

Unless you’re moving just down the street, you’ll need to give special consideration to your medical needs, both during and after the move. Consider the following questions:

5. Hire WowMovers.

This tip may come last, but it’s one of the best ways to reduce the stress of moving as a senior citizen. Working with a professional moving company will allow you to focus on your health and happiness above all.

Think you can’t afford to hire Wowmovers residential movers?

You might be surprised! Many companies will tailor their services to meet your budget and expectations, so even if you’d rather not pay for a full-service move, you can still get some much-needed help.

Ready to move?

If you’re ready to see just how easy for a seniors move, get in touch with us. We are an award-winning moving company, we offer customization services and caring staff to make any senior move as simple and stress-free as possible.

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