Car Shipping Tips: 5 Ways To Save Money!

car shipping

We all know, car shipping can be a real hassle. You don’t want to be driving from the coast to the other. Tiring yourself before setting in your new home is the last thing you want to happen. So the only choice you have shipped your car. We have some tips for you to save some bucks when looking for the best-rated interstate moving companies or professional movers for a car shipper.

Did you know that shipping your car from one state to another is less expensive than driving a hundred miles on your own? Aside from the stressful rides, most people didn’t realize the expense during the trip like fuel refilling, lodging, food, and more. And that is only for a single car.

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Car shipping is a great option. Hiring a transporting company can save you money. Always remember not to go for a cheap car shipper, these companies compromise on the quality of their service. This will may result in a bad experience.

car shipping

Here Are Some Car Shipping Tips To Consider

Take Your Time And Read For Reviews

There are tons of reviews that you can read online. Spare some time to look and research for different car shipping companies. The more reviews for a company, the better. Make a list of pros and cons that you read for each company and compare them all afterward.

Point To Point Instead Of Door To Door

You can tell the company to pick up your car and drop it at a terminal. Though there are still charges for facility fees when they pick up your car at the terminal. It is still cheaper than having them unloading your car in your home. You can also park it somewhere outside downtown, more traffic means more time and more fuel for them to charge you.

Get Open Transport

While it is more protected from the weather and road debris, enclosed transport is more expensive than its counterpart open transport. 40%-60% more to be specific. Unless you are moving a supercar or a restored classic then, this one is not advisable.

Prepare Your Vehicle

It is your responsibility to have your car “ship-ready”. Make sure that it is running, at least enough to be driven up the carrier. Brakes and steering must also be functional. Because you will be charged if it is loaded and unloaded in the carrier with manual labor. There are also companies that do not load your vehicle if there is any stuff inside it. Make sure to empty it or at least ask their rule about luggage inside.

Get Muliple Quotes

As I mentioned, don’t go for cheap car shipping services, it might be tempting but your car is a huge investment. It is a good idea to get multiple quotes to determine what is the price and the best deals you can get

These are some tips to save you money and save you from trouble when shipping your car. Car shipping is not an easy task, but if you follow all the steps mentioned above, it will result in an easy ride. But if you are up to something really adventurous and have a lot of time to spend, driving your car isn’t a bad idea either.


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